Delia Dreaming in Colour

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Gave you the space so you could breathe,
I kept my distance so you would be free,
And hope that you find the missing piece,
To bring you back to me

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I come full circle

Well, hello, again

You there, yes you, remember me?

It really hasn’t been long, but I’ve come full circle

Let’s not part again, I can handle you, me, here

Don’t let me go back to the start again

I cannot bare the lies, deceit, excuses

I’m better, with just you, me, here

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Hope for now - City and Colour

This hallway’s dark and empty
Just miles and miles of endless road
I’ve got a sickness pounding in my head
I’m at the mercy of the ghosts

But what it would take to live
As if I would not another day
To live without despair
And to be without disdain

How can I instill such hope
But be left with none of my own?
What if I could sing
Just one song
And it might save somebody’s life

I sought after
After reasons to stay
I was lost
I was lost

Then the sky turned black
And the rains poured down
I was waiting
Waiting to be found
Oh, no

How can I instill such hope
But be left with none of my own?
What if I could sing
Just one song
And it might save somebody’s life

Then I would sing
All that I can sing
Because that is when
When I feel that I’m not just counting time

Oh, and I sing
All that I can sing
Maybe just for the moment
Things would seem all right

Oh, and I sing

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My star

I once asked the universe to be kind

for once…

Be kind, be merciful

It sent me a shooting star, which filled my eyes with twinkling wonder

It burned so bright… so bright for just a moment

Now I look up for that light that has disappeared from my wonder

It’s gone from my eyes and the night sky

My night sky is black

And I wonder… can it be lit up once again?

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i’m not the only one

I live in a world of fantasy

And I am a dreamer of many dreams

Sometimes … sometimes, I get so lost in my own mind, day dreaming thoughts become reality. Is it unique? Or am I running from the truth?

I live in a world of fantasy

And I dream many dreams

Sometimes, just sometimes, it is a safe place to retreat into and lose myself. Lose myself to the inner child, I cannot silence.

I live in a world of fantasy

And today my dreams were shattered

I look down at the pieces and wonder, can I put them back? What will it look like if I tried? Would it be the same? Do I want it to be…

I live in a world of fantasy

They say I am a dreamer and I say,

I’m not the only one

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I look through the crowd and I see you sitting silent

Except for the guitar that rests on your crossed legs.

Your hands so involved in the strumming rhythm. Determination possess your face.

Your voice echoes in my ears and fills my heart.

Meaningless words etched across a page.

They lead your way.

In your own world, eyes cloudy, blue and distant.

Your inspiration lifts me. A smile … appears under all my pain and hurt.

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Collected words

I’m grateful for music, without it I’d be silent and incomplete.

Cast your shadows upon my wall, at night come alive and dance.

I’m grateful for the sun, it never fails to warm my soul and sprinkle freckles on my nose.

Release your essence, inject me with impurities.

Angels in your eyes, they talk to me softly, whispers in your heart.

Mind, silence, soul, heart, hero … love?

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Glowing Heart

I’m here, but only for this moment

Alone in my silence, I can here my inner voice taunting me

"You’ve never been here before"

            Listen, it says

If for not but this one moment…. LISTEN

The hurt is part of you now

It will mold you and create your future YOU… let it

Keep it as a reminder of what NOT to stand for

Let it engulf your heart until that heart dies

But out of its demise a new golden heart will emerge, that will fill your chest with syrup and honey, SO SWEET, it will drip into the world….




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The sunsets off in the horizon

But the day is not over

For there is someone, someone…. special that I long for

Long to exchange a friendly hello with

Long to be with, and laugh with

The land between us stretches far and wide

       but the connection is strong and never gives out

The granted hugs, only an excuse to touch and be near you

The soft kisses make me long for you more

An open invitation to dance … happenstance set the vibe that we are in

No apology because my urge is genuine

The words you sent bit in so deep into my soul

I want you

And I can’t get enough

You make me want you

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